Order of Operations “Cheatsheet” and Practice Problems for Refresher Math



This set of activities serves as an introduction to the Order of Operations and the Solution of Simple Multi-Step Decimal Problems using the Order of Operations.

[In the future, I hope to be able to enhance the paper and pencil activities listed in the table below by creating a series of interactive posts that cover the same material in more detail.]

In the meantime, you can access the PDF version of the Order of Operations “Cheatsheet” and Practice Problems by clicking the associated hyperlink in the table below.

Printer Friendly Version of the Order of Operations ‘Cheatsheet’
Printer Friendly Version of Simple Order of Operations Practice Problems
Printer Friendly Version of Simple Multi-Step Decimal Application Problems

Students may use this either to supplement the PLE online activities or as an alternative to them.

Although this activity was initially designed for students who are taking Refresher Math through the Maine Capital Area Adult Education Consortium, others should also find this information helpful.


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    • Comment by Gamze:

      Saxon is VERY repetitious, and could bore a brghit student to death. However, I can’t imagine a better curriculum for a student who struggles with math. I let my son, who excels at math, skip the problems he has clearly mastered & move along at his own pace. The result? ITBS scores rock, and he is 1/2 way through 9th Grade Algebra at the end of his 6th Grade year. My daughter learned her math basics in public school using new math curricula and is deeply confused. She was taught cute little short cuts that bypass logic and quantitative reasoning, so now in advanced math, she lacks the ability to recognize when an answer doesn’t make sense. So now I am teaching elementary mathematics right along side Algebra II. 1 caveat: Saxon Geometry is reputed to be riddled with errors at last update. We chose a different curricula for that year.

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